Black Friday discount for every course in 2015

Black Friday discount for every course in 2015

What a beautiful day this will be! Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Not in every country Thanksgiving is celebrated, but Black Friday can be found in the most countries. But why do we have Black Friday?

Black Friday

This day is created because of Thanksgiving, which is celebrated every fourth Thursday in November to be thankful for the harvest of that year. To celebrate this day families will meet and eat together. For this reason many people get free the day after and this is why they created Black Friday, the first day of the Christmas season, with a lot of discounts everywhere.

Funny fact: this day was first called Black Friday because of the hustle and bustle in the cities afters Thanksgiving. Nowadays it is just a great marketing stunt and to do your buyings for Christmas less expensive than at other days!

Even tough Thanksgiving is not well known in Spain; in Valencia we celebrate Black Friday with a lot of discounts in many shops! With 20% or 30% off, you can get a lot of beautiful Christmas presents! And as Pickup Valencia is in Valencia we celebrate this day too! With a 20% discount of your course at our school in 2015!

Book your course this day and receive the discount for one, two or three week course in 2015!

So would you like to enjoy the sun in December? Would you like to taste the Valencia culture? Or just to learn Spanish? Take profit of Black Friday at Pickup Valencia and get 20% off!


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