5 reasons to visit Valencia

Valencia is a wonderful place with a lot of places to visit!

Valencia is located in the east of Spain. It’s a beautiful city where you can do a lot of activities, like going to the beach, eating paella, visiting their monuments, enjoying with their incredible environment…

In this city, you can find beachs, parties, bars, restaurants, good gastronomy, nice people, sports, natural places (like La Albufera), museums, shopping mails, great places of interest (like Oceanografic) and a very good weather.

We are going to explain you 5 reasons to visit Valencia, because we are sure that if you discover this fantastic place, you’ll love it!


 5 reasons to visit Valencia

Why do you have to visit valencia?

visit valencia


1- Because you can visit the Oceanografic

The Ocenoagrafic of Valencia is the biggest european aquarium. If you go there, you’ll see 500 marine species. It’s amazing!



Visiting Valencia2- Because you can drink the delicious Horchata

If you visit Valencia, you’ll have the opportunity to taste the delicious Horchata. This drink is made with tiger nut, that in spanish is pronunce “chufa”.


Travel to Valencia, Spain

Travel to Valencia3- Because you can eat an excellent paella

The paella is the most tipical food in Valencia. It’s made with rice, but the other ingredients can change, according to the type of paella that you choose. There are a lot of types: shellfish paella, traditional paella, vegetable paella, meat paella and more.


Travelling to Valencia. Travel to Spain.

Visit Valencia4- Because you can enjoy in the beach

The Malvarrosa Beach is one of the most beautiful spanish beachs. It’s located in the city, you don’t have to take transport. The sun is perfect and it has a very clean water.


Amazing places to visit in Spain

Amazing place to visit in Spain5- Because you’ll repeat your visit

It’s sure that if you visit Valencia, you’ll repeat again in the near future. You are going to have fun in this place. It will be an unforgottable travel!



Do you want to travel to Valencia?

Do you want to travel to Valencia?

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