Learning Spanish in Valencia

learning Spanish in Valencia

learning Spanish in Valencia

Learning Spanish in Valencia is very fun

Pickup Valencia’s not a tipical Spanish academy, with us you will learn Spanish in Valencia, but in a different, very original, unique way. And it’s that we bet on natural learning. Forget about numerous grammar rules that you would have to memorize, say goodbye to endless lists of irregular verbs, do not think about exercises. Our Spanish language academy gives you everything you need to speak our language in an entertaining way.

Learning Spanish in Valencia is very simple, because you will have our packs of Spanish courses. Each of them thought for a different need, although all have the same purpose: that you learn to speak our language of easy way and you have very much fun.

learning Spanish in Valencia

How do we make learning Spanish in Valencia fun and unique?

First of all, you should know that Pickup Valencia offers its students an extensive training program with professionals of Spanish education, offering in our Spanish language school in Valencia courses with different levels, from beginner to higher level, at any time of the year. year.

The faculty is the basic piece for the execution of the method of our Spanish school in Valencia. We were able to create adapted courses for each student, designing the classes weekly according to the needs required. The coordinated work of teachers and small groups, allow to emphasize in the individualized monitoring of each student.

learning Spanish in Valencia

Secondly, the courses of the Spanish academy Pickup Valencia combine the daily classes, in which a teacher or a teacher will be at your complete disposal, with magnificent activities, such as knowing the Albufera of Valencia, making a paella and enjoying its Taste, visit the City of Arts and Sciences … just to give some examples. Thus we offer a unique experience of learning Spanish in Valencia.

In short, thanks to our academy, the student will be able to initiate or perfect the knowledge of our language, customs, culture and gastronomy through a wide range of leisure activities offered by Valencia.

learning Spanish in Valencia

learn Spanish in Valencia

Why learning Spanish in Valencia?

We have our own academic method based on the conversation, creating a pleasant climate to encourage student participation. All at the same time you have the opportunity to carry out activities, visit places, meet people, taste our typical dishes … in the end, you have a lot of fun, so learning Spanish is something that comes out naturally, almost without realizing it.

learning Spanish in Valencia

If you are interested in any of our Packs of Spanish course and accommodation, you can contact with Pickup Valencia.

Or you can also make any query you want in our Skype: pickupvalencia.com. We will answer you with pleasure and solve all your doubts.

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