spanish school in valencia

Spanish school in Valencia

Our school is an English and Spanish school in Valencia. We provide courses in both languages. The school is located in the centre of the city and in the well-known area called la Gran Via. An area that is very famous for its beautiful architecture, its popular restaurants and its lively nightlife. And next to Rusafa which is a great area for having a drink at night.


The school is found in a stately edifice built in the year 1900 that
 still preserves original elements from that time, with high walls, beautiful old floors and artistic ceilings. It consists of five classrooms for up to 10 students per class, a kitchen with all facilities, three bathrooms and the office. Down the school, there is a café where you can take a coffee and something to eat.


We are proud of our warm and personalized way of dealing with the
 students, and constantly adapting our work to their demands. The teachers are high educated and willing to teach you the languages at the best.


Next to the classes, the teachers will guide the different activities. We offer several activities; from wine tasting to a tour through Valencia by bike or by feet. You can choose your activity and we will help you by enjoying your stay in Valencia while learning Spanish!


If you are looking for a great Spanish school in Valencia, we offer courses for students of all levels, from basic to advanced, combining them with a great range of socio-cultural activities that allow the student to have a closer connection to the culture and habits of Valencia; making their stay a unique and unforgettable experience.


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