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Free Spanish language lesson – Irregular verbs – Pretérito indefinido

Free Spanish language lesson – Irregular verbs – Pretérito indefinido – 15/09/2015.

Spanish language free lesson – Hello guys, Pickup Valencia offers you another Spanish languge free lessons so you can enjoy our beautiful Spanish language and hopefully come to learn Spanish in Valencia!

Every Spanish student knows how hard is to remember all the conjugations, all the tenses and all the irregular verbs, that’s why we want to remind you all of the Spanish irregular verbs in the ‘Pretérito Indefinido’.

There are a lot of irregular verbs in the Spanish language and we will show you some of the most common verbs like:


Andar (anduv-) / Decir (dij-) / Estar (estuv-) / poner (pus-) / Querer (quis-)

IR y SER (fu-) / tener (tuv-) / Poder (pud-) / venir (vin-).

This Spanish tense, the PRETÉRITO INDEFINIDO, is used really often by locals, so you have to study it well because you will have to use in your everyday Spanish speaking.

free spanish language lesson

IR y SER conjugate with the same irregularity…they change the first and the third person singular….
1st Person -> FUI
3rd Person -> FUE

3 Tips on how to use Préterito indefinido.


The Pretérito indefinido refers to:

Events, actions, facts that happened in the past and that we consider totally finished, that has arrived to its completion.

Él tuvo mucha suerte


When using Préterito Indefinido it is common to express when the action took place, defining the time with words like:

Ayer, antes de ayer, la semana pasada, hace un año, cuando tenía __ años, etc…


Another way to use the Pretérito indefinido is when it refers to a change, an action that stops another action. In this case, the action that gets interrupted works like the words we use to define the time:

Estaba durmiendo y sonó la alarma.

Ayer sonó la alarma.

Remember to use Pretérito indefinido every time you speak, because it has no substitutes.

Read and read again this free Spanish lesson and we hope it can help you speak a better Spanish!


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