Gelato Festival Valencia

Gelato Festival Valencia

Gelato Festival Valencia

Everybody knows that Valencia is really warm, the sun shines high and the sea breeze make you want to stay outside all day. In this blog you can read everything about the Gelato Festival Valencia,.

What’s better than a good ice cream to celebrate this summer weather? From July 16th to 19th, don’t miss the GELATO FESTIVAL VALENCIA.

Our city has been chosen as one of the international stops of the Gelato Tour, together with London and Amsterdam. The rest of the locations are all in Italy.


Gelato Festival Valencia – History


Gelato Festival started five years ago, during 2010, in Florence, and in 2013 it started as a tour. 2014 was the key year for internationalization and the beginning of a big event now really famous.

The mission of Gelato Festival is making the world taste quality Italian Ice-cream, with almost 500 years of past, when in 1559 in Florence, Cosimo Buontalenti created the first ice-cream recipe: a frozen cream.



Gelato Festival Valencia – The event

During the event there will be a lot to do, and to eat! You can even get a card to try many flavours and select your favourite.

We will also be able to watch as the masters make ice-cream with a huge open-view ice-cream laboratory. It is considered the first mobile ice-cream laboratory of the world.

Special flavours will be presented and everybody will be able to taste them.

In addition to that, a little ice-cream school with Show Cooking sessions with really big names from the Italian food scene. You can learn how ice cream is made and discover some of the secret to make it perfect!

Again, from 16th to 19th July, don’t miss the Gelato Festival on the Malvarrosa Beach, from 03:00pm to 01:00 am.

We will be there of course, we can’t miss this delicious event and once the we have the Gelato in our hand we will be happy! #PickupSmile

All images are from Gelato Festival official website.

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