Learn Spanish in Spain – New teaching methods

Hello from Pickup Valencia.

Today we want to spend some words about our teaching methodology to learn Spanish in Spain and how we’re getting ready for the new season.

Our teachers have been working a lot on writing new material; it is be filled with short and clear information, exercises and many innovator ideas.

We provide the students with a beautiful short book, written and designed especially for our classes. This won’t replace the official book that we also use in class, it’s just an extra benefit for you to come to Valencia and study with us and finally learn Spanish in Spain.

In addition to that we want to show you some other interactive features we are going to integrate in our classes. Viktor, the head of studies, has been crafting some cards with verbs and illustrations to create a Spanish learning game. This results in spontaneous learning, because the students will be concentrated on the task while learning Spanish reflexive and non-reflexive verbs.

Learn Spanish in Spain

The best feature of this system is that students have to interact between them to learn Spanish. The lessons develop horizontally and not vertically, a big difference that is known is really important.

The old teaching methods were based on this vertical exchange that wasn’t really an exchange. Teachers were the source on the information and the students were the receptors of the information.

With a more horizontal method the students will be the source and receptor at the same time, being able to improve quite faster when they will have to use verbs in practical situations in class.

We hope you can find this interesting and as a good teaching method to learn Spanish in Spain.

Our daily efforts always go to help the students get a better learning experience in our schools and we are open to new suggestions and innovating teaching methods.

Have a great weekend you all, we sure will.. with a big Smile 🙂  #PickupSmile