Learn Spanish in Valencia

Learn Spanish in Valencia with Pickup Valencia Blog

Learn Spanish in Valencia with Pickup Valencia Blog

Do you know how to correctly ask a question in Spanish?

If you are speaking or writing in Spanish we suggest you to follow these rules. The Spanish language is really reach and is really flexible, but there are some elements never change.

First of all, if you want to correctly write a question in Spanish you have to start the phrase with the ‘unique’ <<¿>> symbol. This upside down interrogation mark is mandatory and it would be considered a mistake not to write it.

Second, a good question always starts with an interrogative word, to help the listener understand what you want to know. If you come to learn Spanish in Valencia in our academy you will have time to practice all this.

Here are interrogative words:

Have you found the other common element of all the questions? Besides the fact that  they start with <<¿>>; , every interrogative word goes with accent. Always remember this.

After this, we want to have a look to a famous Spanish word: “Porque”

If you look carefully to the image above you can find “¿Por qué?”, so why is it written like that?

Because there are 4 ways to write it, and every time it has a different use. “Porque” can be a noun, an interrogative word, an exclamation, a preposition with a pronoun…

Please look at this image:


Here is a link to a blog that we really like: http://blog.lengua-e.com/2011/por-que-porque-el-porque-por-que/

And here some exercises so you can practice at home (taken from http://blog.lengua-e.com/)


  1. Me quedé en casa ________ estaba enfermo.
  2. Desde luego… ________ menudencias te enfadas a veces.
  3. ¿________ le interesa a usted la ortografía?
  4. Ha mostrado mucho interés ________ el proyecto salga adelante.
  5. El motivo ________ los hemos convocado es que hay que hacer reformas en el edificio.
  6. Me gustaría saber ________ te pones tan pesado.
  7. No te puedes hacer una idea de ________ poquito no hemos ganado.
  8. No entiendo el ________ de su reacción.
  9. Nos llevó todo el camino con una canción que decía: “¡________ no engraso los ejes me llamanabandonao…!”.
  10. Si yo supiera ________…

Here is the solution.

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