Learn Spanish with Flamenco

Learn Spanish with Flamenco

One of the weekly activities of Pickup Valencia Spanish School is learn Spanish with Flamenco dancing. Flamenco is an artform native to the Spanish regions of Andalusia, Extremadura and Murcia. It includes cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance), jaleo (vocalizations), palmas (handclapping) and pitos (finger snapping).

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As you could read before, Flamenco is a typical Spanish dance and also many people in Valencia like to practice it or like to watch Flamenco shows. For this reason, we went yesterday night with our students to Radio City, a club in the city center of Valencia where they organize every Tuesday a Flamenco night with real Flamenco singers and dancers.

This way, you can learn Spanish with Flamenco because you are in a local environment (many Spanish people come to Radio city) and of course, there will be teachers from Pickup Valencia Spanish School during the activity.

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We are convinced that the best way to learn Spanish is to study in the classroom, but also to join Spanish activities surrounded by many locals. Next to that, dancing Flamenco is also really fun to learn and beautiful to see! The women always dance in the traje de flamenca (“flamenco outfit”) or traje de gitana (“Gitana outfit”) and this is the dress traditionally worn by women at Ferias (festivals) in Andalusia, Spain. There are two forms: one worn by dancers and the other worn as a day dress.

Come to study Spanish with Pickup Valencia Spanish School and discover Valencia with us!

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