October 12 – Public holiday in Spain

October 12 – Public holiday in Spain

This public holiday was a perfect free day for all Spaniards as the sun was shining through the whole country.

Valencia – 12 October is a public holiday for everyone in Spain. The country celebrates la Día de la Hispanidad, also known as the Fiesta Nacional de España. This public holiday is a sign of the Spanish Empire after discovering America.
Nowadays, the military parade in Madrid is the most characteristic for this public holiday. In this parade Spain shows their military force to the King and his wife and to the President of Spain. Outside Madrid and Zaragoza this public holiday is just a delicious free day. In Zaragoza people celecrates the Fiesta de la Virgen de Pilar.



On October 12 in 1492, Columbus, Cristobal Colón, landed on the American continent, while he thought he was landed on the Asian continent. But he found out a new continent and from this moment the Spanish Empire went more powerful and larger than any other country in the world and also the most influential country. To celebrate this, each year on October 12, Spain celebrates this as a national public holiday.


In Zaragoza this public holiday stands as a sign of the Virgen de Pilar. This is accompanied by many festivities and processions in the city. Many people will come to the capital of Aragon to see the spectacle. October 12 is also a special day for the Civil Guard as their Patron Saint is the Virgen de Pilar.
The term ‘Hispanidad’ dates from the 1980’s and covers not only the public holiday in Spain, but also all the countries where Spanish is spoken and are linked to the culture. This means that the public holiday of October 12 is celebrated in 27 nations, for more than 472 million people all over the world.

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