Sniffing culture in Valencia!

Sniffing culture in Valencia!

So you are going to spend some time in the wonderful city Valencia? We already know that Valencia is a beautiful city at the Mediterean Sea where people speak the amazing Spanish language. But also, there is a lot of culture in Valencia. In this blog we will give you some advice about culture in Valencia.



Paella Workshop: leave the city and visit Valencia’s countryside, to learn how to prepare a typical Valencian plate: Paella Valenciana! The dish Paella is said to be a perfect union between two cultures from Spain, the Romans, for the pan and the Arab, that brought rice.

Tapas tour: usually, the best authentic places to eat tapas are hidden in places and are difficult to find for the normal tourist. Tapas represent a big part of the culture in Valencia so we would to show you around and let you discover the best places!

Culture in Valencia

Mercado Central tasting: One of the most important things of the culture in Valencia is the in 1839 opened Mercado Central. Here you can find all typical Valencian products in a beautiful building: wine, olives, meat, fish, fruit, smoothies, bread, sweets and so on. The Mercado Central is very popular in Valencia for local people but also for tourists. So, during the years it has expanded a lot till one of the biggest markets in Spain. The market is open from Monday till Saturday from 07:00 till 15:00 so don´t miss it!

Albufera: Albufera is a freshwater lagoon and estuary on the Gulf of Valencia coast of the Valencian Community in eastern Spain. It is the main portion of the Parc Natural de l’Albufera (“Albufera Natural Park”), with a surface area of 21,120 hectares. From Valencia the Albufera is easy to reach by several busses.

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