spanish language and sports

Spanish Language and sports in Spain – Valencia

Spanish Language and Sports in Spain – Valencia

Valencia is a city that’s always trying to stay up to date to the needs of the locals. More and more people in the city go outside to practice sports like running, skating and riding bikes.

Even a lot of Spanish students choose Valencia as a destination because they want to learn Spanish and do sports. Spanish language and sports are really important in the levante capital.

There is a new emerging figure in the streets of Valencia: the RUNNER.

Thanks to many aspects of the life here, the city is already being called “Ciudad del Running”. To show you that we want to tell you about the great news that we found this morning in the newspaper…

There is a new Running track in the Turia Gardens urban park, built with great technology and materials.

Spanish Language and sports

The track is 5731m long and it is like a special lane for runners. There are signs along the track so it is easy to identify and every 100m there will be a distance indicator.

The floor has been approved by the Valencia Biomechanics Institute (IBV) to provide the best and most pleasant running experience.

All the area has been filled with relax and exercise areas, with green and sustainable facilities and drinkable water points.

There are the main characteristics:

spanish Language and sports

We are very proud of living in a city that can provide the its citizens all these services. It is a great help for all those people that like running in the nature and also for all those people who cannot afford to pay for their sport exercises.

So, we wonder, what are you waiting for?

Come to Valencia, learn Spanish with us, visit the city, do sports and live happy! Spanish language and sports are the best thing you can do on your free time 🙂 #PickupSmile

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Spanish Language and sports in Spain – Valencia . Pickup Valencia 2015

Spanish Language and sports