Spanish school with excursions

Spanish school with Excursions

Spanish school with Excursions

Pickup Valencia is not just a Spanish school, it is an experience that will last in our students heart. Last weekend we visited an amazing place, very rich in history.

Sagunto is a small city, close to Valencia, with a great cultural and historic heritage. The city is formed by two parts, the port-city and the Roman part, that was named SAGUNTUM in Latin.

Spanish school with excursions

Our students and our teacher were really excited to go and visit this wonder that played an important role in the Second Punic War.

Every week we organize excursions and we try to integrate life and cultural experiences to boost the Spanish level of our students, we found that it is really efficient and it is a very natural way to learn, that’s why we decided to be a Spanish school with excursions, because otherwise, studying just in class would not be powerful enough.

Sagunto is famous for the ruins of the ancient Roman city and in particular for:

  • The Roman Theatre

This theatre is still in use, after almost 2000 years of history. It was built during the year 50 d.C. and every summer there takes place the so-called “Festival D’Estiu Sagunt a Escena”, a summer theatre festival.

  • The Roman Castle

This was an important Stronghold, used by many cultures and built in the same year as the foundation of the city. The extension was huge and now we can still appreciate the walls and some roman details, as a beautiful mosaic.

Our students were impressed and surprised to found this spot just next to Valencia.

We hope next week we can go visit another important place like that because we all have fun when we do it. Of course we made a stop to eat some tapas and drink something fresh.

Follow our adventures and discover why a Spanish school with excursions is better than just a school…