study spanish in valencia

Study Spanish in Valencia

Study Spanish in Valencia


Study Spanish in Valencia is not more than amazing. The city is a wonderful place to live with an average of seven hours of sun each day. Even in the winter days. And sun brings happiness. Because people are happy, they eat outside, children play outside etcetera.

I study Spanish in Valencia since September and I love the language. But it is hard. Even though I know much more than before I came to Valencia I still do not think I know everything. Like ‘subjunctive’, something we do not know in the Germanic languages. It is something like; there is the truth and there is the fantasy or hope for something or someone and with this fantasy or hope you have to use the subjunctive. And with the subjunctive the verbs are conjugated differently, not only in the present, but also in the past.

Next to learning about grammar while I study Spanish in Valencia the teachers taught me speaking more easily and listing as well. Because there are not a lot of students in one class, the teachers can help you to the fullest. If things need to be repeated, the teacher will repeat it until you understand.

I choose to study Spanish in Valencia because everyone in Valencia is willing to help each other and to show their city in a good way. Since the school is located in, for me, the most beautiful area of the city, it is a pleasure to walk to the school and to go to the classes. In the pause I go downstairs to a café to drink a coffee and to watch the Spanish manner of living.

Study Spanish in Valencia


Living in the city and study Spanish in Valencia is just very relaxed. No stress, no hate, just have a talk and enjoy the time in Spain.

So come to Spain and study Spanish in Valencia!


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