Tapas tour…come with us!


The food in Spain is a very important part of the culture and one of the best-known specialties are tapas. It’s an appetizer that is served in many restaurants and bars where originally these small snacks were offered as a courtesy. There are several types of tapas, cold tapas such as olives or crisps, but also tapas like fried calamari, croquettes, Spanish omelette, stuffed peppers or fried calamari squid. “Tapear” is a way to enjoy food and drinks while spending time with friends.




We can´t talk about tapas without mentioning Spanish jamón , it usually goes with a bit of brad and tomatoes, but definitely the most famous, must-try, tapa is famous Spanish tortilla, very tasty and easy to prepare. It´s made of potatoes, eggs, salt and onions. There are also vegetarian dishes such as roasted vegetables: a salad of roasted vegetables. It is made with onions, eggplant, tomato, pepper….

Come to Valencia and check out those great tapas…but don´t forget to learn Spanish … and smile 😉 #Pickupsmile