4 unmissable Valencia beach sport events

Valencia beach sport

As we said earlier, this summer is going to be full of events and full of sports! As we in Pickup Valencia know that our students love outdoor beach sports we want to tell you about 4 competitions that you must see (and maybe attend) here on our sand.

Madison beach volley tour

Valencia beach sport

This is coming soon, next week from 02 July to 05 July. This is the first time that we receive this event, there will be a lot of game during the morning, afternoon and evening. You don’t want to miss this famous beach volley tour, great athletes from all around the world will fill Valencia



XIX Edition of Beach Rubgy tournament
valencia beach sport Another cool event. This is going on almost at the same time as the beach volley tour but we think that it is really worth watching. 03/04/05/06 July are the busiest day for sport lovers and rugby lovers. If you ever saw a match of this game you know how engaging it can be!



XVII Trofeo Futvoley “Open Ciudad de Valencia”

Spectacular sport event on our beaches, with great evolutions and amazing tricks, can you believe what these guys can do? First time I saw a match of this sport I was shocked and could not believe my own eyes. If you love football and great players this is the sport for you. Take notes, this is coming from 16th to 20th July this summer.



valencia beach sportLast but not least is the 22nd tournament of beach football. This is another unforgettable event for you this summer if you want to enjoy valencia beach sports. If you want to go and see or you want to take part in it (if you want we can help you with that) you will have to be here on 18th and 19th July.



In conclusion, this month is going to be busy for Valencia beach sport lovers. Keep smiling… #PickupSmile