Valencia Shopening Night 2015

Valencia Shopening Night 2015

Tomorrow, December 3 there will take place the eighth edition of the Valencia Shopening Night 2015, this time Shopening Night and Christmas special edition celebrating Christmas. From 20:00 until 00:00, people who come to the downtown area of the city will enjoy great entertainment options, promotions, presentations and music collections through the streets of Valencia.

Valencia Shopening Night is a commercial activity that attracts thousands of people to areas of participating merchants. The aim of this is to create a funny atmosphere that promotes different and enjoyable experience. Shops prepare discounts, promotions and giveaways for attendees.

Valencia Shopening Night

The Shopening Christmas Night will have fashion shows, presentations, photocalls, actions related to food and activities for all ages. Several bloggers and exercise youtubers ambassadors tonight shopping in Valencia.

The Valencia Shopening Night 2015 will take place through the streets of the hub and the commercial environment of the city of Valencia as the market environment of Colón, Sorní, Jorge Juan, Cirilo Amorós, Hernán Cortés, Isabel la Católica, Conde Salvatierra y adyacentes; la calle Colón, Don Juan de Austria, Lauria, Pascual y Genís, la Gran Vía Marqués del Turia, Plaza los Pinazo, etc.

Valencia Shopening NIght

Many of these shops have already published their activities and special promotions on the website of Shopening Night Valencia. Discounts up to 40%, bars cocktails and catering, snacking, jazz concerts, DJs, photo booth, tasting of champagne, wine or ham are just some of the surprises you’ll find if you approach this commercial holiday in Valencia.

Music, discounts, happy and funny people, presentations…. All these things will make the audience feel happy and spend a good night at the museum’s city center d. It’s a good way to use your Spanish and speak with people.

We hope that if you visit tomorrow the Valencia Shopening Night, you buy so many things and have a nice evening.

¡¡Lets go shopping!!