what to do in valencia

What to do in Valencia



 What do to in Valencia




What to do in Valencia?

Are you going to spend a weekend in Valencia? In this blog you will get some advice from local people about what do to do in Valencia. Valencia is also famous for its amazing food, offered by lovely and traditional restaurants. So what to do in Valencia? Eating, a lot of eating!!!!!

Valencia has many non-touristic neighborhoods where you can eat nice food for, also important, good prices!

One of these neighborhoods is Ruzafa, a new, multicultural , growing and upcoming place to be with nice places to go for lunch, dinner, breaks or drinks. Where do we recommend you to go?

Kafua: Based in Calle Reina Doña María, has lovely and different food inspired by the international and national kitchen. Don´t forget to get one of their delicious deserts.

La Mas Bonita: In Calle Cadiz,  you can find the cutest restaurant you will ever see with amazing food, under the Valencians famous for their huge and special cakes. Our advice is to take one of their creams or clubsandwiches and of course a cake for dessert. Also, don´t forget make a reservation before, because it is always very busy!

La Finestra: based in Calle Vivons, a restaurant with a typical Italian atmosphere: relaxed, socializing, busy and most of all eating lots of mini pizzas! The pizzas are small and only cost 1,50 and are available in many flavors! Nice because this way it´s possible to try a lot of them at the same time!

Dulce de Leche: located in calle Cuba, the best place to stop for a coffee break with some amazing dulce de leche. Dulce the leche is a typical Valencian sweet that you should try.

We hope you know what to do in Valencia now, next time we will discuss another neighborhood. We wish you a happy and delicious weekend!

What to do in Valencia

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